Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Celebrity Lost Score

So you made it this far and now you want to know who won?


okay dokey then... in reverse order,

Sly- was only here for a day, got no job, no badges, no skills and therefore no points.


J~Lo didn't fare in the asp points at all, she made it to level 2 of her job and got a bronze fishing badge.

1 point.

Bruce got 7,750 asp points, got to level 3 of his career and managed a silver fishing badge.

2 points.

Indy didn't do as well as we hoped, level 3 of his career and a bronze fishing for 1 pt.

A fair few asp points for Indy with 23,250 though.

Drew made it to level 5 of her career and gained a bronze fishing badge for 1 pt, had a nice love triangle going for a while there and still hasn't made up her mind over Neo or Bruce now that they are all back together.

35,000 aspiration points.


62,750 aspiration points which would have beaten last Seasons winner by a mile,

(no favouritism-honest) *wink*

a Gold gardening badge for 5 points and a bronze fishing for 1 point.

Neo made it to level 9 of his career... so close. ;)

Coming in 2nd place...It's...

Angelina! She did the best in badges getting bronze in both fishing and toymaking, and a gold in gardening... 7 points.

She made it to level 8 of her career and stacked up 87,300 points, you'd think that'd be enough to win...

But no! Our favourite (ok, 2nd favourite) pirate Captain Jack got a whopping 121,900 aspiration points. (A very busy last week at dating!).

He got to level 8 of his career and gained a Silver fishing and Bronze Gardening badge for 3 points.

Any last words from our Celebrity Winner?

Jack: Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho!

Total score- 336,950 asp points- 33 points

combined badges- 21 points

all items on list- 5 points

Total= 59 points.

So it seems as though Dating really is the way to win this challenge. :)

I think Neo's custom skintone caused him to never look overheated even though he too passed out several times, and how typical that Angelina became a Plant Sim when she'd only sprayed about a dozen times over Neo's twelve gazillion sprays. Again I think down to the custom skintone.

None of the celebs maxed any one skill but a few were close.

My thanks as always to Val for the custom bedding and Nik for the custom walls and floors. You guys rock. :)

The Final Countdown

Last time we said goodbye to Drew which left Jack, Angelina, Indy and Neo in the camp.

Disaster struck just before the guys were to go to work when a fire broke out...

Luckily Indy stepped in as hero and saved the day.

They all go to work stinky, and Jack has the nerve to gag at their driver.

Meanwhile our Celebrity Lost challenge seems to have turned into Celebrity LOVE Island...

yeah you can look innocent but we know what you're up to!

The Celebs have scored some nice rewards too,

Jack got the candy machine, Drew left behind her dummy (no, not Neo) and Neo got the cool pinball game.

Indy couldn't make enough points and was the next to go on Others Day.

Sorry Shaunna. :)

Meanwhile Neo got a nice hit of aspiration points when he got his gold badge...

and again when struck by lightning...

then promptly lost half of them when another fire broke out.



awww... but I think Jack wants his outfit back.

Rescue Day came next and a quick peek at the points put Angelina ahead by a slim margin (can't say over who 'cos that'd just spoil things- heh).

She rescued her good buddy Drew...

who wasted no time in getting in on the dating bandwagon and re-kindling her romance with Neo.

They spent the next day dating as much as possible, but I'm not sure it's decent to be running around in your undies in the rain- or that safe frankly.

Sadly it wasn't enough to save Drew on Others Day and off she goes again.

Jack spent more time eating the chocolate than packing it,

while Angelina brought home a bunch of flowers... how cute.

She too has been working on her badges... stylishly in her undies dontcha think?

Neo heads to work in his cool outfit, and Others day approaches again soon...

Angelina finally learned how to make Lemonade and managed to cool herself down before the sunburn kicked in.

As one thing kicks in, another gets kicked out..

Bye Neo...........

(must introduce you to my simself- heh).

so now we are down to our final pair- the lovestruck dating angels Jack and Angelina who are really fighting for aspiration points between them (or were when we last looked on Rescue Day).

I keep telling Jack that 'that' doesn't help him cool down, but he doesn't listen to me.

shoulda got points for 'how many sims can pass out from heatstroke' in this challenge...

Angelina helps cool Jack down with a well aimed shot!

It's all good fun for Jack.

A few days later after work Angelina fell foul of the pesticide...

and became the first Celebrity Plant Sim!

slightly scary- still.

Once again Jack is overheating...

no he's not scared because of Angelina's new appearance, he actually stood on her toes whilst slow dancing during their latest date-

then passed out from heatstroke (again)

Angelina dowsed Jack in water and he recovered to enjoy their final date.

A few hours until the sun rises and the winner will be announced...

In reverse order...

Next time!
ok, so I'm not that mean- check here for the winner. :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Feel The Burn

Last time we'd just said goodbye to our celeb Jack Sparrow and Drew had a bit of a love triangle going on.
'So Drew, have you made your mind up yet?'

Drew: Well it's difficult, Bruce is really fun...

... but Neo is so charming...

...But then Bruce is so practical...

...and Neo's such a househusband...

...but Bruce will never let me starve...

...and Neo would never see me in danger...

...look how he rescued our resident flamingo!'
'Hey that's Charlie in the background'.
Drew: yeah, that guy is always hanging around here.
While we leave Drew juggling possible lovers we catch up with other events on Celeb Island over the weekend,

Indy is in a much better mood after bringing Kate home from work.
They've enjoyed several dates since.

But the Summer heat is really taking it's toll,

I thought Sims were safe indoors,
I guess not.
Indy survived- Drew was around and threw a glass of water over him.
Meanwhile the daily phone calls to Angelina from Brad have stopped....
but then...


'Brad- you've got to stop coming around here- the producers did not think you suitable for the show, hence the reason why you weren't picked.
so buzz off.'

Angelina: I know I should be angry with him, but every time I see that guy I just wanna have a baby.
not necessarily his of course.

Angelina: Glad we got that sorted, yeah I missed you, blah blah blah,
cya real soon and don't look up.

It's Monday and rescue day!
Neo has the most aspiration points at the moment and rescues his good buddy Jack!

who is very glad to be back.

He celebrates with a drink or two in Drew's company.
'Drew- you aren't thinking of making this threesome of yours a foursome I hope'.
Drew: No, as tempting as that is, Angelina would kill me.
She told me so....

Anyway, I decided to go with Bruce.
I just have to keep it a secret from Neo.
'Good luck with that'.

Meanwhile Jack wasted no time in getting it together with Angelina once Brad disappeared from view.

Which put her in a great mood for work.
Bruce: My girlfriend is so dreamy...
Jack: cut it out....

...don't forget that the better friends we are the more chances we have of bringing each other back should we stumble on Others Days.
Bruce: good point.

Again the Summer heat is wiping out the Celebs, I sent Jack and Angelina off to cool in the pool.

ouch- doesn't look like it worked.

nor here either.

umm.. not sure that will help the sunburn guys.

The old standby works well though.

Neo: Hey Indy where are you off to?
Indy: Fishing- not much else to do around here, Kate's working.
Neo- Cool- can you try and catch something other than Bass or Bass?
Indy: I'll do my best.

Meanwhile Drew has done well to keep her romance with Bruce a secret from Neo.
Drew: oh yeah- that didn't work out too well.
'How come?'

Drew: well Bruce came over for an autonomous romantic hug- I thought Neo was at work and not behind me...

he wasn't best pleased.
But being the super gardener that he is he'd grown all sorts of crops and after a few days offered to share with me a refreshing drink of Strawberry Juice.
It worked a treat and soon we were friends again...

really good friends actually...

but Bruce saw that!
Oh dear, he was so mad.. and then the Others came...

...and Bruce left.
Jack seemed happy about that- or maybe he was just pleased that it wasn't him...

...so things are a bit of a mess, Bruce is gone, Neo only just trusts me again, Indy has Kate and Jack and Angelina do everything together...

and I mean everything...
But then before I had chance to make a move on Neo again, the Others were back and look who had to leave...