Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Celebrity Lost Score

So you made it this far and now you want to know who won?


okay dokey then... in reverse order,

Sly- was only here for a day, got no job, no badges, no skills and therefore no points.


J~Lo didn't fare in the asp points at all, she made it to level 2 of her job and got a bronze fishing badge.

1 point.

Bruce got 7,750 asp points, got to level 3 of his career and managed a silver fishing badge.

2 points.

Indy didn't do as well as we hoped, level 3 of his career and a bronze fishing for 1 pt.

A fair few asp points for Indy with 23,250 though.

Drew made it to level 5 of her career and gained a bronze fishing badge for 1 pt, had a nice love triangle going for a while there and still hasn't made up her mind over Neo or Bruce now that they are all back together.

35,000 aspiration points.


62,750 aspiration points which would have beaten last Seasons winner by a mile,

(no favouritism-honest) *wink*

a Gold gardening badge for 5 points and a bronze fishing for 1 point.

Neo made it to level 9 of his career... so close. ;)

Coming in 2nd place...It's...

Angelina! She did the best in badges getting bronze in both fishing and toymaking, and a gold in gardening... 7 points.

She made it to level 8 of her career and stacked up 87,300 points, you'd think that'd be enough to win...

But no! Our favourite (ok, 2nd favourite) pirate Captain Jack got a whopping 121,900 aspiration points. (A very busy last week at dating!).

He got to level 8 of his career and gained a Silver fishing and Bronze Gardening badge for 3 points.

Any last words from our Celebrity Winner?

Jack: Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho!

Total score- 336,950 asp points- 33 points

combined badges- 21 points

all items on list- 5 points

Total= 59 points.

So it seems as though Dating really is the way to win this challenge. :)

I think Neo's custom skintone caused him to never look overheated even though he too passed out several times, and how typical that Angelina became a Plant Sim when she'd only sprayed about a dozen times over Neo's twelve gazillion sprays. Again I think down to the custom skintone.

None of the celebs maxed any one skill but a few were close.

My thanks as always to Val for the custom bedding and Nik for the custom walls and floors. You guys rock. :)


ruby said...

Wow what a score! Girl you rocked this challenge, well done *clapping*

Wow that was some serious aspiration points! Yeah Jack, he's so adorable *g*

Val said...

Wow!!! These Sims really amassed some impressive scores!!
As always you did a fab job on the challenge and the blog was so witty and enjoyable, the end is always so bittersweet!
Now lets all party with dear ol Jack!!!

Kerry said...

That was fun to read--I was surprised that with all that dating, there didn't seem to be many fights! I figured the triangles were going to cause serious trouble. Thanks for a fun read!

Sally said...

Yey - Jack won! I love that pirate!! Fantastic score - well done.

Rachel said...

Hurray for Jack! Your score is AMAZING!!! Wonderful job!