Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The Final Countdown

Last time we said goodbye to Drew which left Jack, Angelina, Indy and Neo in the camp.

Disaster struck just before the guys were to go to work when a fire broke out...

Luckily Indy stepped in as hero and saved the day.

They all go to work stinky, and Jack has the nerve to gag at their driver.

Meanwhile our Celebrity Lost challenge seems to have turned into Celebrity LOVE Island...

yeah you can look innocent but we know what you're up to!

The Celebs have scored some nice rewards too,

Jack got the candy machine, Drew left behind her dummy (no, not Neo) and Neo got the cool pinball game.

Indy couldn't make enough points and was the next to go on Others Day.

Sorry Shaunna. :)

Meanwhile Neo got a nice hit of aspiration points when he got his gold badge...

and again when struck by lightning...

then promptly lost half of them when another fire broke out.



awww... but I think Jack wants his outfit back.

Rescue Day came next and a quick peek at the points put Angelina ahead by a slim margin (can't say over who 'cos that'd just spoil things- heh).

She rescued her good buddy Drew...

who wasted no time in getting in on the dating bandwagon and re-kindling her romance with Neo.

They spent the next day dating as much as possible, but I'm not sure it's decent to be running around in your undies in the rain- or that safe frankly.

Sadly it wasn't enough to save Drew on Others Day and off she goes again.

Jack spent more time eating the chocolate than packing it,

while Angelina brought home a bunch of flowers... how cute.

She too has been working on her badges... stylishly in her undies dontcha think?

Neo heads to work in his cool outfit, and Others day approaches again soon...

Angelina finally learned how to make Lemonade and managed to cool herself down before the sunburn kicked in.

As one thing kicks in, another gets kicked out..

Bye Neo...........

(must introduce you to my simself- heh).

so now we are down to our final pair- the lovestruck dating angels Jack and Angelina who are really fighting for aspiration points between them (or were when we last looked on Rescue Day).

I keep telling Jack that 'that' doesn't help him cool down, but he doesn't listen to me.

shoulda got points for 'how many sims can pass out from heatstroke' in this challenge...

Angelina helps cool Jack down with a well aimed shot!

It's all good fun for Jack.

A few days later after work Angelina fell foul of the pesticide...

and became the first Celebrity Plant Sim!

slightly scary- still.

Once again Jack is overheating...

no he's not scared because of Angelina's new appearance, he actually stood on her toes whilst slow dancing during their latest date-

then passed out from heatstroke (again)

Angelina dowsed Jack in water and he recovered to enjoy their final date.

A few hours until the sun rises and the winner will be announced...

In reverse order...

Next time!
ok, so I'm not that mean- check here for the winner. :)


ruby said...

Aw bye again Drew ... I had such high hopes for her!

Oooo down to the final two.. I've never had a sim over heat like that... eek that's freaky looking... come on Jack watch the toes mister *giggle*

Val said...

Oh what a great suprise, I was so excited to see Drew come back only to be booted with her beau once again!
I have to admit though, the final two are probably my favs.
I can't believe Angelina became a Plant Sim though, must have her befriend the garden club ;-)!!!!

SirenPrincess said...

I love the pictures of Jack all sunburnt and collapsed on the floor :-)

This challenge is very interesting to read about, but I'm sure hard to play.

Sally said...

Love Angelina as a plant sim - great update. Can't write much as I want to click next and find out who wins!

Rachel said...

All the heat stroke passing out is SO funny! Poor Jack! Wow someone that was rescued is in the final 2! Crazy. Nice job on all the career rewards!