Thursday, 17 May 2007

Introductions and Events

First Celebrity to take on the challenge is Bruce Willis.
He's looking John McClaneish here, but he does have shoes on. ;)
Bruce is a Pisces, Fortune sim and looking for a career in the Military.
Bruce loves to recount his adventures as John McClane.

Next up is Angelina Jolie- or Miss Fish Lips herself.
Busy saving the world and adopting kids, Angelina left Brad at home (after he was dumped from the challenge) with their 12 kids so she could participate.
Angelina is a Gemini, Pleasure Sim and looking for that 'Croftish' type career in Adventure.

It's Indy himself.
Indy is the quiet type- but confident of success here.
He's a Cancer, Fortune Sim and of course seeks a career in Adventure.

Drew Barrymore.
Not much is known about Drew. She's kinda 'girl-next-door'.
She's Pisces, Popularity and is looking for a career in Medicine.

It's the One.
*fanning self*.
oops. heh.
Neo is a Virgo- Knowledge Sim and is looking for the Ultimate Gaming career.

Stallone himself made an appearance.
We think it's him- clearly he had a bad night before coming to the Island judging by the bags under his eyes.
Sly is a Cancer, Romance Sim and is looking for a career in Culinary.

The Diva Jennifer Lopez.
Not exactly dressed for Island life.
She insisted she was on her way to a concert when our Simcopter swooped to pick her up.
Jennifer is a Leo, Romance and is looking for the Slacker career.
When asked her first thoughts on the Island, Jennifer replied "Where's my Condo?".

And Finally,
It's Captain Jack Sparrow!
We think Jack could do well here providing he stays away from the bar. (If they find one).
Jack is a Gemini, Pleasure sim and looking to enter the Culinary field.

So with our Celebrities introduced they set off to fish-
really, there's nothing else to do.
Jack boots over the flamingo on the way over to the lake.

With Jack and Angelina on opposite sides and the rest of the celebrities in a huddle we hope this isn't a sign that they aren't friendly.

Once the newspaper arrived Indy found his job in Adventure, and Angelina too of course.
Jennifer got quickly bored of fishing, she mentioned something about 'peasants' and took herself off to read from the newly found bookcase.
Seriously- that girl needs undies, or a longer skirt.

Indy loses his hat as he and Angelina head poolside for a body point each.

The Welcome Wagon arrives and look who it is!
Last Seasons sorry losers, Sawyer, Charlie and Locke!

Sylvester shows off by catching his first fish.
Indy isn't interested much.

Boy- there's a face of concentration.
*Do you think you can just scare 'em outta the water?*.
'You never know'.
Time for our Celebrities to check out who's who and who likes who and who's attracted to who and who isn't.
.... or something.
Angelina thinks Jack's her lad.
Jennifer gives Sly the thumbs up.

Sly is torn between Angelina and Jennifer, but settles on Jennifer.

Indy jumps out of the pool and finds his hotness in Drew. (who's behind a tree)
don't ask me why.
Neo too likes Drew.

as does Bruce.

But Drew only has eyes for Jack.

Well... not right now, obviously.
The day passed by without too many dramas.

well- just the odd one.

*jeez, what did you do in there?*.

As night falls Sly does too.

Drew gets a bronze in fishing.

While Angelina finds a shower and cools off.
or warms up.

The next morning and the lack of beds are apparent.
Indy actually has to be at work in a few so is promptly booted awake. me...

Jennifer couldn't get to the toilet as Drew was blocking the way.
Her accident did not go unnoticed.

It's Others Day and why does Neo have the paper?
*OH NO!*
'It's ok- it's for Sly, I'm bringing it to him'.
*oh- whew*.
So Sly slides off into the great unknown.
He may be back.
But it's doubtful.

Bruce is on the phone recounting yet another episode of his Nakatomi Plaza adventures with a complete stranger.

While Jennifer is quite certain that she may become the most talked about celebrity ever.
But perhaps for the wrong reasons.
Join me next time for more adventures as our remaining celebs settle into Island Life.


ruby said...

That is hilarious! I love Drew! Great choices for celebs and yeah Sly is the first to go with them baggy eyes .. ew! *giggle*
I can't wait to see what happens next!

ASimWen said...

Yeah! I love challenges using celebs. Yeah..Buh-Bye Sly! Nice to see you...errr....Sorry to see you go! lol

Val said...

The celebs look great,Bruce is so recognizable it is scary but I bet I know who your fav is. Gee I wonder if there will be any preferential treatment *wink*

I totally enjoyed your first installment and am so looking forward to what happens next!

Kerry said...

This was fun--great celebs. Sounds like there might be some competition and jealousy in store, given how many people are interested in Drew.

Sally said...

I love it! Where did you get your celeb sims? I especially like Jack Sparrow. And, Neo of course!Hmmm... Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp - that would be an interesting match-up. Can't wait for more.

Shaunna said...

Great take on this challenge and your selection of celebs had me cracking up! I have to say I am partial to Indy...go Indy!!!

Rachel said...

Sorry I'm just getting to this. Too many blogs, too little time. I love your celebrities, they look awesome! And a few of the Lost-aways even stopped by! I was laughing SO hard at everyone passed out, I guess I really am evil! Off to part 2.